The Brown wood owl

The Brown wood owl (Strix leptogrammica) an uncommon breeding resident bird throughout tropical Sri Lanka. It is a common member of the family strigidae. It can be distinguished from all other species of owls in the country by the slight red-brown facial disk surrounded by a wide black border. The upper part of the body is brownish and striped. The throat is white and the rest of the lower part of the body is pale colored with chocolate brown colored stripes. Eyes are brown. Breading season is December to March. Using a tree hole to lay two eggs. Incubation period is about 25-30 days. Hatchlings totally depend on parents for about two months. Brown wood owls are carnivores, like all the other owls. Hence they depend on small mammals, small birds, and reptiles such as rodents, lizards and squirrels. The Other Corner - Habarana, is an ideal habitat to observe a pair of this beautiful owl as well as other uncommon, migrant birds and mammals such as Black-backed Dwarf-Kingfisher, Blue Indian Robin, Indian Pitta, Orang-headed Ground-Thrush and Grey Slender Loris.