When we drove into the little lane leading up to 'The Other Corner,' it felt as though we were the only people around for miles. Even though the turn off is quite close to the main Habarana town, once you make that turn, you enter a whole new world. It was just us and nature! It was only once we got settled in that we were able to fully absorb the splendour before us! It was a scenic picture of typical village life, and the best part of it being that the 'The Other Corner' just blended in to the picture. The simplistic, yet very comfortable and tastefully furnished rooms and dining/chill-out area was yet another plus of the place. There was nothing "loud" or "obtrusive" about the place. It was as serene and calm as the rest of it's surroundings (us, excluded that is!) It's location was not too far or too close to the main town. Might I recommend a wildlife safari at one of the nearby parks and a drive down to Pollonaruwa for the day. A tour of the ruins by day and winding up watching the sunset from the little man-made island outside the Rest House. Simply breathtaking!!!

The staff at 'The Other Corner' though I think is it's biggest asset. Not only are they courteous and friendly but, also ever so obliging and hospitable. "No" wasn't even part of their vocabulary! The food was delicious and the smile with which it was served, made it a 10 fold more appealing. We had the time of our lives and I have no doubt that you will too.

Rahula & Shyami, thank you both so much for everything you did to make our stay more memorable and letting us be your first guests! Good luck and hope our paths cross again sometime!

Marisa De Silva
Journalist / Author